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North West Sydney Football Referees Association
Welcome to the official website of the NWSFRA


North West Sydney Football Referees Association (NWSFRA) is one of the largest associations in NSW with over 400 referees.  Our referees are appointed to local grassroots competitions (NWSF), school matches, state competition football, such as Youth and Premier league.

Based in the Ryde/Gladesville-Hornsby district, our match officials are trained, certified and assessed on their abilities to provide safe, fair, and enjoyable experiences for players, coaches, and spectators.

Our referees are invested in the Football Referee Development Panel, NSW State League Football Referees Association, as well as Youth League and A-League Men's and Women's.

To become a referee, contact our Technical Committee today -


Latest News
news Dribl issues 25-26 May Sat 25th May-24 at  9:31
Sat 25-May-2024 9:31

Dribl has updated their app and once again hasn't tested it before going live. If you have updated the app, you can no longer self allocate to games. Self allocation still works via a web browser on your PC or laptop. If you haven't updated to the new app yet, don't.

We've raised it with them but are not expecting a response as they still haven't replied to requests from 2 years ago.

news Appointments for 24th-26th May 2024 are online
Mon 20-May-2024 18:43

Tip of the week

Centre referees MUST enter their scores and cards into Dribl and complete the matchsheet. PL, SL & WPL referees must also enter goalscorers.

A significant number of referees failed to complete the matchsheet this past weekend. Repeated failures by referees to complete their administrative duties post-match may result in fines.

Referees are welcome to check uncovered games and email Appointments if they can assist. 

Amy has the emails during the week and Paul has the phone on the weekend. 

The appointments phone number is 0434 537 900

Happy birthday to 

Alex R Wilson, Joshua B Leggatt, Ethan Qiu, Yiling Zhou, Nicola Totino, Raul Osbich, Lucas Laguzza

news Missing matchscores
Mon 13-May-2024 18:40

All referees with scores missing from included matches
3268, 3835, 3948, 3960, 4130, 4131, 4135, 4193, 4204, 4210, 4224, 4295, 4307, 4334, 4338, 4369, 4374, 4428, 4431, 4439, 4448, 4455, 4497, 4517, 4549

13-Apr, 14-Apr
4130, 4295, 4334, 4428, 4431, 4439, 4497, 4517


26-Apr, 27-Apr, 28-Apr
3268, 3835, 3948, 4130, 4131, 4135, 4210, 4224, 4295, 4334, 4338, 4369, 4448, 4455, 4549

11-May, 12-May
3960, 4193, 4204, 4307, 4338, 4374, 4455

news Dribl reminders - cards and completing teamsheets
Fri 10-May-2024 8:53

Reminder for referees that Dribl must be completed after the game. If both teams have entered the score, it may already appear in the score section of the matchsheet, if the score is correct you can click ‘save’. You must still complete the matchsheet, entering the score is not enough.  

This is also a reminder that referees who repeatedly do not self-allocate to games on Dribl or complete teamsheets may be warned or fined. We prefer to avoid fines wherever possible however it is the responsibility of each referee to ensure that they are doing their duties on and off the field including completing sheets on Dribl.

Additionally, NWSF have requested that referees enter red cards into Dribl in the same way as yellow cards (i.e. select the player, offence and time and save). Reports must still be entered through the NWSFRA website not through Dribl. 

 Please click "More" for the full steps for using Dribl. 

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